What we will do:

Mobile Strategy Application

Understanding your business needs

Understanding why your enterprise organization needs mobile apps, and what business processes they will support, is key to a successful mobile app strategy.
An effective mobile app strategy involves knowing the reasons behind the mobile app drive. You need to take a deep dive into the goal of your enterprise.
Mobile app strategy and determine exactly what it is that mobile apps will do for your business.
When they find organizations that support their app demands and desires, those are the companies they support, as consumers and employees. Mobile applications as well as the websites are now actively using cloud services, personal log in functionality, chat, online catalogs, product lists and shopping carts etc. Apps are quickly following suit.

Design and Development

Design is the way we decide how we want things to be. Everything we make is designed by our expertise Designer.
Design is the most important part of Mobile application development as well as website development. UI should be looked good easy to interact with them. In the built environment, design is the key decision making process. At the strategic level it creates the vision for Mobile application.
Good design is not inevitable. It needs to be championed, invested in and worked at. All decision makers need to understand the importance of good design and how to get the best out of it.

Project Management

Project Management include the project life cycle, it involves the 5 core processes of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, closing.

Break a complex project into manageable sub-projects

1. Assign responsibility/ownership of project components

2. Set reasonable milestone's for the completion of major tasks

3. Perform a risk analysis and integrate mitigation into your planning

4. Develop and complete a project plan

Quality Assurance

1. Requirements quality : The correctness, completeness,and consistency of the requirements model will have a strong in?uence on the quality of all work products that follow.

2.Design quality : Every element of the design model should be assessed by the software team to ensure that it exhibits high quality and that the design itself conforms to requirements.

3.Code quality : Source code and related work products.

4.Quality control effectiveness : A software team should apply limited resources in a way that has the highest likelihood of achieving a high quality result.

Website Development

Since Beginning SGinfoSOft is working on Web Development. Web Development is a huge field and we have a large team for handling it. Our team is a group of dedicated and experienced people, Our team have worked on different web Technologies and Complex Web Applications.

Our technical team and Project Management team are always available to guide you from beginning to get a cost effective application.

Our Website Development Process Contains Strategy and Planning, Web Designing, Dynamic Pages Creation, Backend Programming and Database Designing, Testing, Project Delivery.


SGinfosoft has a great expertise in offering Search Engine Optimization on reasonable Charges. SEO is a way to improve your website ranking on search engines. It allows you to increase the number of visitor on your site. That is why SEO is the best way to Promote a website and first step of Marketing online.

We offer SEO in following areas- Web Page Designing, Doc type analysis, URL Structures, File name, Meta Tag, hidden text, W3C Validation, Source Code, CSS & Javascript, Density of keywords, Content Optimization, robots.txt, Breadcrumbs, Sitemap, Analytics.